Pablo Zarama is a Colombian Architect and Artist with 4 years of professional experience, and a recent Master of Science Degree from Cornell University. Pablo´s interest in architecture lies in the mixture, balance, or contradiction characteristic of the discipline of being art and science at the same time. This “contradiction” is rooted in the beauty of the rites (materialized in the tower, the labyrinth, etc.) and the pragmatism of the protection (materialized in The Primitive Hut, the clothing, etc.). Pablo is convinced that, within these paradoxes, architecture generates new worlds and answers but, at the same time, infinite questions about humanity and everyday life. He has lectured at Cornell University exploring the evolution of the villa and the private home. ​​​​​​​ Finally, Pablo is obsessed with Moleskine Notebooks. He collects postcards (physical and mental) that generates analogies between projects  creating an ongoing and endless process of questioning about architecture meaning and making.  
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